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About our Club

Welcome to Anthro-Fantasy-Club

We are a club dedicated to both fantasy and anthro artwork. All anthro and fantasy species are welcome. :D

Rules and FAQ

How do I join?
:bulletyellow:Click the "join our group" button. Membership is automatically approved.

How do I submit artwork?
:bulletorange:Only members can submit to the group, so please make sure that you've actually joined the group before you try to submit a picture.

:bulletyellow:If you're a member, just click the "Contribute art" button and choose the picture you would like to submit. Please make sure that you're submitting your picture to the correct folder. Artwork submitted to the wrong folder could be declined.

:bulletorange:All visual mediums are accepted.

How often can I submit artwork?
:bulletyellow:Members can submit 3 pieces of artwork a week. Contributors can submit artwork 7 times a week.

Why was my artwork declined
:bulletorange:Artwork is usually declined because it's mature or it doesn't meet our quality controls. Please make sure to read our rules before you join the group. Our rules are here: anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart…

:bulletyellow:The admins reserve the right to decline your artwork without explanation. If your artwork is declined, you're free to ask why, but we might not always provide a reason (especially if you're hostile towards us).

Who is that dragon in your icon?
:bulletorange:She's Ayla, our mascot. You can find out more about her here:
Ayla Reference Sheet by aboveClouds

Our icon was made by the lovely :icontrollgirl:!
AFC Icon Contest Entry by TrollGirl
Sorry guys, but I'm not hosting an Autumn round this time around. As much as I'd like to, I just don't think I have time to run two exchanges in the next few months. Instead, I'm hosting a special exchange round in fantasy-xchange that is open to everyone who meets the basic art standards - even non-members! Normal rounds in fantasy-xchange are only open to group members, but I'm opening it to everyone this time to make up for the lack of an exchange over here. The rules will be the same as the rules over here, so not much will change (except that I'll only be running one exchange instead of two).

The sign up journal is here, if you're interested:
October/November Sign ups - Open Round!The October/November exchange will be a two-month long round that is open to everyone - even non-members! Yep, you heard right you don't have to be a member of fantasy-xchange to sign up for this round.  Anyone who meets the basic art requirements will be allowed to sign up and participate. :D
If you're worried about the basic art requirements - don't. The standards are going to be the same as the standards in the Anthro-Fantasy-club exchange. I just want to make sure that you know how to create a completed, colored picture before I let you sign up. The guidelines are below if you're interested.
NOTE: MEMBERS OF fantasy-xchange ARE AUTOMATICALLY ALLOWED INTO THIS ROUND. I'm only going to look over non-members galleries to make sure they meet the basic requirements.

Basic Art Requirements:

For all non-members
:bulletblue: I need at least 3 examples of colored pictures in your gallery. If your whole gallery is sketches and inked pict

I hope you'll check it out and sign up if you can. Thank you for reading! :D
More Journal Entries


Feel free to send us an affiliation request.

The only rules we have concerning affiliates are:
- your group must have at least 25 members,
- your group must not violate our rules or deviantArt's rules (for example, we won't affiliate with a hate group or a group centered around mature content).

Gallery Folders

Anthro-Fantasy-Club Icon_2 by GoldenEmotions
AFC Icon Contest Entry by TrollGirl
AFC banner contest entry by woodchi
A True Floridian by GoldenDruid
Wight folk page 78 - A darker path by rodrev
Wight folk 77 - perspective by rodrev
KERTANAN Page 10 by CinusTheHuskyWolf02
KERTANAN Page 9 by CinusTheHuskyWolf02
Secret Santa and Art Exchange
AFC Adoption: Cohan by AltairSky
Nuka by Cloviswolf359
Eanraig in cave by 1sidedownand2up
summer art exchange by kalascee
Anthro and Fantasy Canines
YCH: Crazy Jouhi by Medaya
Art Fight - Zavier Wolfen by plaguedaemon
renaissance by BABZOOKA
Temperance by Alassa
Anthro and Fantasy Canines - 2.0
TwoKinds Fan Comic Page 12 by TheMaskofaFox
My Eyes, Look At Them [Contest Prize] by MapleKemon
PJ Party by Acaciathorn
Abeni Head of Security by MIT-Hellan
Anthro and Fantasy Felines
Inner sun by FlashW
Butters by DemonSoulk
[COMMISSION] Artesia Mass - Tabaxi Bard by s0ulafein
Lazy Day: Snack Time! by Estherella
Anthro and Fantasy Felines - 2.0
Kathy (Macharro ver 2) by xXNatoriousXx
The Cheetoid Sees The Light by F-Euphrates
Its comfortable by Pixezure
Recovery by Annaivri
Anthro and Fantasy Hooved Animals
A hypnotic dance (commission) by Magra123
Streaming bull -tittle card- (Commission) by Magra123
Animated Tenala by Dogy9978
Deer people by LemiaDoodleheart
Anthro and Fantasy Mammals - others
Paco and Po on the seaside! (Gift-Art) by SAGADreams
Razibelle by Zaron
Margaret (Macharro) by xXNatoriousXx
Sam and Kate Lick by sirhcsellor
Anthro and Feral Dragons and Reptiles
Temptations by Slasher12
Cecil and Zander 2 by Slasher12
[COMMISSION] Mirage - Dragonborn Warlock by s0ulafein
FAT!!! (Contest Entry) by Lhykaruz
Anthro and Feral Gryphons and Birds
Aaracockra Commission for HexieKazuhiro on Reddit by querulousArtisan
Anthro and Fantasy Marine Creatures
a dream of someplace warm by dreameroftheblue
Other Anthros
[C] Athyn by Rines-Sha
Fantasy Humans and Humanoids
You Will Regret It by JcArtSpace
Unusual Fantasy Creatures
Porg from Star Wars 2018 by MelvonAndReine
Multiple Characters of Multiple Species
On the Prowl by MrMcArthur
Fantasy Landscapes and Environments
Lights in the Night by Nele-Diel
National Animals Contest Entries
The Moon and the Star (Contest Entry) by streetdragon95
Icon Contest Entries
:CE: Anthro-Fantasy-Club icon - Short Version by TheFailedDream
Icon and Mascot Artwork
Ayla Reference Sheet by aboveClouds
Old Club artwork
Water Lady by Anthro-Fantasy-club









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freaviary Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Anthro and Fantasy Felines folder is full
AFC-FAX-Exchange Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017
Fixed! :)
Stygma Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for letting us know! I can't fix this myself, but I contacted the founder!
LacrimareObscura Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I´m searching for a (semi) professionell guest artist for my closed species!
Bullet; Blue Guest artists are also allowed to MYO a PANDROID for own use. (can be traded, but not be sold)
Bullet; Blue Your adoptables will be posted on the groups page aswell
Bullet; Blue You will be mentioned on the groups page as guest artist

Guest Artists Wanted (open)Pandroid-Battlefield 
To get more attention for my closed species "PANDROID", I´m looking for guest artists who would like to create some adoptables based on my species classifications and split the earnings.
Bullet; Blue Guest artists are also allowed to MYO a PANDROID for own use. (can be traded, but not be sold)
Bullet; Blue Your adoptables will be posted on the groups page aswell
Bullet; Blue You will be mentioned on the groups page as guest artist

Please understand that I won´t accept rooky artists.
Don´t be mad if I don´t accept you. 
Guest artists
Bullet; Blue your name here
All about the PANDROIDS:

Pandroid Adoptables (OPEN) by LacrimareObscura   Pandroid Species Classification (closed species) by LacrimareObscura  
custom pandroid (for syndralvalor) by LacrimareObscura   The Pandroids burden by LacrimareObscura    

You can also help me in finding matching artists. If you joined Pandroid-Battlefield and successfully helped me for an arrangement with an guest artist, you will be listed as supporter on the groups page and get a special shoutout! :D (Big Grin) 
Bitani49 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Student General Artist
Hi! I just submitted the wrong deviation to this group.
Can you guys please delete it? Many apologies in advance!

It's this one here: 

Mature Content

Raven Fawzi by Bitani49
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