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About our Club

Welcome to Anthro-Fantasy-Club

We are a club dedicated to both fantasy and anthro artwork. All anthro and fantasy species are welcome. :D

Rules and FAQ

How do I join?
:bulletyellow:Click the "join our group" button. Membership is automatically approved.

How do I submit artwork?
:bulletorange:Only members can submit to the group, so please make sure that you've actually joined the group before you try to submit a picture.

:bulletyellow:If you're a member, just click the "Contribute art" button and choose the picture you would like to submit. Please make sure that you're submitting your picture to the correct folder. Artwork submitted to the wrong folder could be declined.

:bulletorange:All visual mediums are accepted.

How often can I submit artwork?
:bulletyellow:Members can submit artwork once a week. Contributors can submit artwork 7 times a week.

Why was my artwork declined
:bulletorange:Artwork is usually declined because it's mature or it doesn't meet our quality controls. Please make sure to read our rules before you join the group. Our rules are here: anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart…

:bulletyellow:The admins reserve the right to decline your artwork without explanation. If your artwork is declined, you're free to ask why, but we might not always provide a reason (especially if you're hostile towards us).

Who is that dragon in your icon?
:bulletorange:She's Ayla, our mascot. You can find out more about her here:
Ayla Reference Sheet by aboveClouds

Our icon was made by the lovely :icontrollgirl:!
AFC Icon Contest Entry by TrollGirl
Edit: Rewrote the section on sketches and other uncolored works. The new section has :new: around it.

These are our general club rules. Please take a minute or two to read them before you join.


:bulletblue: Membership is automatically approved.

:bulletblue: All artwork submitted by normal members must be approved by an admin before it will show up in our gallery.

:bulletblue: All members are allowed to post 1 submission a week.


:bulletblue: You cannot join as a contributor. I will invite you to be a contributor after you've shown me that you are both active in the group and understand the rules.

:bulletblue: Contributors can post up to 7 deviations a week.

:bulletblue: Artwork submitted to the gallery by contributors is automatically approved.   


:bulletblue:We only accept fantasy and anthro artwork. Your artwork will be automatically declined if it is not anthro or fantasy themed.
:bulletblue:Please submit pictures to the correct folder. If you submit a picture to the wrong folder, we can decline it!

:bulletblue:Most fantasy and anthro artwork is accepted, but if your picture is declined and you submitted it to the correct folder, please check the list below to see why it was rejected.

Why was my artwork declined?

:bulletred:  The artwork is mature or offensive.
:bulletblack: We generally do not accept artwork under a mature lock.
:bulletblack: Suggestive artwork is okay to some extent, but we don't accept pictures with 'pink bits' showing.
:bulletblack: We do not accept fetish artwork.
:bulletblack: We do not accept pictures depicting extreme violence or gore, but some blood is okay.
:bulletblack: We do not accept pictures which depict suicide or murder.
:bulletblack: We do not accept pictures which were only made to incite drama (i.e. blatantly insulting a popular artist, insulting a popular series, etc.).  
:bulletblack: We do not accept hate art or artwork that could potentially glorify hate. This includes characters dressed like Nazis, artwork with Nazi swastikas, or artwork that uses slurs and/or crude stereotypes.

:bulletred: The drawing or painting is poorly photographed or scanned.
:bulletblack: You can see loads of wrinkles in the paper.
:bulletblack: The drawing is poorly lit so that it's very hard to see.
:bulletblack:The artwork was photographed with the flash on so part of the image is very bright while the rest is very dark.
:bulletblack: The photo is poorly cropped or positioned (i.e. the picture is upside-down or you can see the notebook spiral).
:bulletblack:The picture is filled with compression artifacts.
:bulletblack:If you have problems photographing or scanning your artwork, here is a blog post that might help you: anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart…

:bulletred:The artwork has beginner-quality line art, anatomy, or shading.
:bulletblack:Your artwork doesn't have to be perfect to get into this group, but we do want you to have some previous artistic experience before we'll accept your pictures.  
:bulletblack:We do not accept colored pencil pieces with very quick, messy, choppy coloring (i.e. you quickly moved the pencil back and forth to color an area instead of slowly building up the colors). Here's a blog post on how to properly use colored pencils if you need help: anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart…
:bulletblack:We generally don't accept artwork made in MSpaint (unless it's pixel art). If you can't afford a professional-grade digital art program like Photoshop or Painter, there are free (and legal) alternatives like the gimp and
:bulletblack:If your digital art was declined, please read these blog posts on digital art: anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart… anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart…

:bulletred:The artwork is a work in progress (WIP) or a sketch.
:new::bulletblack:We don't accept works in progress unless you're looking for critiques on them and you have the critique feature turned on.:new:
:new::bulletblack: We don't accept sketches, lineart, or other uncolored works unless they're detailed and have good line weight. Examples of uncolored work that we would accept:…………

Note: works that have been shaded in black and white (like these:……… ) are also fine.
:bulletblack: If you need help making more interesting sketches and inked drawings, please check out these tutorials on line weight and line dynamics:…… :new:
:bulletblack:Sketches with random marks and smudges on the paper will not be accepted.
:bulletblack:- We do not accept drawings or paintings made on lined paper or graph paper. -

:bulletred:We do not accept desktop screenshots or in-game screenshots.
:bulletblack:If the artwork you're using as your wallpaper is your own work, please submit the original to our group instead.
:bulletblack:We might accept Second Life screenshots if you made your avatar yourself. If your avatar was made using various parts that you bought from other people, we will not accept it.

:bulletred: You did not make the artwork yourself but it's uploaded to your account.
:bulletblack:If you want to submit a piece from another artist, please submit the original from their gallery. If it isn't in their DA gallery, then it's safe to assume that they don't want it shared around on DA.
:bulletblack:We do not accept artwork that has been traced from another artist's work.

:bulletred:The artwork was made using a "character maker," "dress up," or "dollmaker" game.
:bulletblack:A "character maker," "dress up" or "dollmaker" game is a flash game where a picture is made by choosing from the in-game options, like here: or here: We don't accept them because all the work was done by someone else.

:bulletred:Costume Work must be well photographed.
:bulletblack:If you want to take a photo of your costume work (fursuits, ears, tails, etc.) please make sure that the focus is on your costume and not on yourself. If it's simply a pair of ears, it would be better if you photographed it on a foam head instead of photographing yourself wearing it.
:bulletblack:Please make sure that your photos are in focus and don't contain random things in the background (such as a pile of dirty laundry near your bed).

:bulletred: Photomanipulations are fine as long as they're well-made.
:bulletblack: We will not accept photomanipulations which look quickly pieced together. The whole point of photomanipulation is to blend the photos together so that they all look like they're from the same picture. As an example, we would gladly accept something like this:…
But we wouldn't accept something like this:…
:bulletblack: All photos used in the photomanipulation must be your own work or you have permission from the original photographer(s) to use them.  
:bulletblack: Photomanipulations made using random photos from Google/Bing/what-have-you will not be accepted.
:bulletblack:More information about what we're looking for in photomanipulations: anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart…

:bulletred:We do not accept commission advertisements or commission price lists.
:bulletblack:There are loads of other groups which were made specifically for commission advertisements ->…  Please submit to them instead.  

:bulletred: We only accept custom adoptables.
:bulletblack: Groups of adoptables made by recoloring the exact same lineart over and over again will not be accepted.
:bulletblack: We MIGHT accept groups of adoptables made using the same pose/base (your own base) if each adoptable is varied. As an example, this would be fine for our group:…
:bulletblack:All adoptables must be made using your own lineart.
:bulletblack: We will not accept an adoptable if it has a giant, distracting watermark over it (such as "BUY ME HERE" written over the whole picture). This rule also applies to normal artwork.

:bulletred: Comics are fine as long as they meet our normal art standards.
:bulletblack:All comics must be written in either English or French as well. Our moderators only speak those two languages and can't review comics written in other languages.
:bulletblack:We may accept comics written in other languages as long as they aren't text-heavy. An action sequence with a couple of sound effects thrown in would be fine regardless of language.

:bulletred: We no longer accept literature submissions.
:bulletblack:We have nothing against writers - it simply takes too much time for us to review literature submissions.

:bulletred::bulletred:If your submission was declined and none of reasons above apply to it, please send the group a note about it. Be sure to include a link to the submission in your note and please remain civil! If you act overly hostile or rude, you could be kicked from the group. Submission-related questions on the front page will be hidden.:bulletred::bulletred:

If you have any general questions about the rules, please ask them here.
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Feel free to send us an affiliation request.

The only rules we have concerning affiliates are:
- your group must have at least 25 members,
- your group must be anthro and/or fantasy themed,
- your group must not violate our rules or deviantArt's rules (for example, we won't affiliate with a hate group or a group centered around mature content).

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EDIT: I do realize the latter bit is probably a bug in DeviantArt's systems, which I will be reporting.
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